Employer and Group Pensions

A Group Pension Plan is a pension provided by an employer for its employees. It is a tax efficient way for you to help ensure your employees are financially secure in retirement. We offer Group Pension, Group PRSA and Fusion arrangements.

Group Pension

A Group Pension is a defined-contribution pension plan, designed to help your employees plan for their retirement. It is a trust-based arrangement, and you and your employees can avail of tax-reliefs against contributions.

Group PRSA Pension

A Group PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account) is different from a Group Pension because Group PRSAs are individually-owned contracts. You and your employers can avail of tax-reliefs against contributions and the pension plan does not require trustees.

Fusion Group Pension

The Zurich Life Fusion Plan allows you select the best of both PRSAs and Executive Pension Plans for your employees, depending on their needs.

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