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Prices issued for a given date reflect close of business on stock markets on the previous business day (this does not apply for funds marked with a * due to trading cycles of the underlying fund manager).

Therefore, if you are seeking a price that reflects close of business on stock markets on, say 31/03/2003, you must insert the following business day's date i.e. 01/04/2003.

Important Information

Annual management fees apply. The fund growth shown above is before the full annual management charge is applied on your policy

For investment policies started on or after 1st January 2001, the investment return is shown gross of tax, and is taxed at the encashment (full or partial) of the policy.

The return shown is on an investment in the specified fund and not the premiums paid under a policy. The returns on policies linked to the specified fund will be lower because of the effects of initial charges and in some cases a higher management charge.

These prices do not apply to former Eagle Star European policies started before 1st January 2001. Fund prices relating to this business can be viewed here.

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
Warning: Benefits may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates.
Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.
Warning: If you invest in these funds you may lose some or all of the money you invest.